The Hunter Luxury team is so proud of our work on the award-winning The Macallan Estate box in 2019. Now having also been shortlisted in the Technical Achievement category at the 2020 Luxury Packaging Awards for our work on the Jack Daniel’s Jukebox, the recognition has reiterated that our technical expertise really does set us apart from the competition.

In this article, we celebrate the impressive work done to achieve the Jack Daniel’s Jukebox and dig a little deeper to understand exactly what technical expertise the team at Hunter Luxury pulls together to make the impossible possible.

Jack Daniel's Jukebox shortlisted for the Luxury Packaging Awards
Hunter Luxury 2020
Prototyped components of the Jack Daniel's Jukebox during the development stages.
Hunter Luxury 2020

A closer look at the Jack Daniel’s Jukebox

To qualify for the shortlist for the Luxury Packaging Awards Technical Achievement category, the finished product needs to demonstrate outstanding manufacturing quality, innovative use of materials and/ or production technologies, costs, and overcoming specific hurdles in manufacturing.

Hunter Luxury has been a packaging partner to Brown Forman for a number of years and we were entrusted to bring this never before attempted multi-material concept to life. We were asked to replicate a classic jukebox as closely as possible, so knew we had to create something amazing, and it's easy to see why the Jack Daniel’s Jukebox really does meet the award criteria perfectly.

In total, 9 individual factories produced 59 bespoke individual components from 13 different materials using dozens of moulds, all items were then fabricated and assembled with the smallest of manufacturing tolerances.

In order to ensure that the product could last for many years, there is no adhesive used anywhere in the pack, and specially developed inks were even created to give the deepest blacks and whitest whites possible.

So, all in all, I think you will agree that this goes way beyond the typical vision of packaging as many may think of it…

Translating designer’s concepts into practical solutions

How is this incredible feat of design and engineering achieved in practice? Well, one of the things, that sets the Hunter Luxury team apart, as we’ve talked about before, is the extensive range of skills and technical expertise that we have in-house - we are able to take an agency design and re-work it with mass production in mind, while not compromising on the original brand intent.

Our technical experts and project managers then take that design and work with our manufacturers,  buying teams, and logistics partners around the world to bring the impossible to life, whatever it takes.

Jack Daniel's Jukebox development sketches
Hunter Luxury 2020
The Macallan Estate slate box for Edrington Group
Hunter Luxury 2019

The Macallan Estate pack is another true example of this commitment to technical excellence in practice. The team from Edrington Group and Line-Up Studios approached us back in 2018 with the challenge of creating a pack that used authentic materials in line with the brand story - a real challenge. We knew we could do the job with our technical infrastructure, experience, foresight, and ambition to make their dream a reality. The Hunter Luxury team put in the research and time to develop something that had never been seen before – a premium rigid box with a real slate front panel which is laser etched and inlaid with metal transcript lettering, a design that would go on to win the Luxury Drinks category at the 2019 Luxury Packaging Awards.

Our team expertise is hard to replicate

So, in summary, don’t just take our word for it that Hunter Luxury has the technical expertise to make the impossible possible. With award recognition for two outstanding spirits packs in 2019 and 2020, Hunter Luxury continues to be one of the spirits industry's most exciting and innovative luxury packaging companies today. We wouldn’t be trusted by huge industry names like Brown Forman and Edrington Group for no reason. To talk through your latest project concept or to challenge us to achieve your brand's vision, contact Paul - or Sharon – we would love to help you achieve the impossible!