We are thrilled that the Shirakawa 1958 box we developed has been shortlisted for the UK Packaging Awards in the Limited Edition category.

We were approached to create this historically important box for a whisky that was destined to be used in blends. Distilled in 1958 the cask was discovered, untouched for decades in rural Japan, and now, this historically important whisky has been brought to market as a limited edition by Tomatin.

The box is built from rich black solid wood, reminiscent of Japanese blackened wood, with a beautifully subtle grained finish and features detailed gold foiling and cuff. The bottle is surrounded by an illustration based on a rare photograph of Shirakawa distillery in its heyday, perfectly captured in finely detailed foiling.

The quality of materials and finishing is incredibly high specification, and perfectly marries the innovative with the traditional, reflecting the life of this incredibly rare whisky.

We’re continuously trialling the use of alternative materials for our Spirits projects, such as the solid aluminium door included in the Shirakawa box. If you have a vision or idea for one of your projects, contact the Spirits team at Hunter Luxury and we can find a way to bring it to life.



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