Luxury Advent Calendars - A Branded Treat

Advent calendars are now seen by many as a core part of the beauty brand’s festive offering. They are a must-have addition for beauty brand fans, perfect for building excitement for a brand’s consumer following every year. Sustainable luxury advent calendars are also an influencer’s dream; gorgeous packaging makes the best unboxing reels and #beautyadventcalendar is tagged thousands of times.

The beauty industry. packaging experts, media and the public all love to celebrate the top advent calendars of the year when they hit the stores in October. Advent calendars are almost certain to attract PR if timed right, with quality seasonal packaging and a value offering. A perennial favourite with all major magazines and the UK’s most loved TV programmes have featured the beautiful and the sustainable, advent calendars of the year, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and the most popular TV shows. Ensure your beauty brand stands out from the crowd with luxury, high quality advent calendar solutions because how the festive box looks, is just as important as what is inside.

ESPA Advent Calendar 2023 Hunter Luxury
ESPA Advent Calendar by Hunter Luxury
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Sustainable Luxury Advent Calendars

The trend for sustainable advent calendars is unabated, with plastic continuing to be replaced by paper and other recyclable materials. For example, the ESPA calendar created by Hunter Luxury, is sophisticated and luxurious, whilst being totally paper and card-based, with limited foiling to ensure it is fully recyclable. Beauty brand values of sustainability are demonstrated through packaging choices often more than anything else and consumers are alert to the messages their favourite brand's luxury packaging solutions portray.


How to create the best luxury brand advent calendar

Hunter Luxury creates beautiful advent calendars but it doesn't happen by chance.  Luxury packaging solutions involve highly detailed creative, planning and execution to achieve the perfect concept and execution for beauty brands.

The 12-door wonder “Bejewelled Chest of Beauty Treasures”, was created in collaboration with the team at Charlotte Tilbury and the result of 16 months of work. Luxury advent calendar creation starts with the concept theme, which is worked into meticulous design. Hunter Luxury then proceed into development and on to production. Efficient delivery is of course key, to be sure each project is on time for an October launch.

Hunter Luxury work every year on advent calendar projects that include incredible detailing and finishing; Charlotte Tilbury herself especially loves the glass crystal drawer handles, an embellishment conceived by the team at Hunter, and a feature that ensures a transition from packaging into dressing table furniture that will live on, way beyond Christmas.

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Charlotte Tilbury, Hunter Luxury advent calendar. Lucky Chest of Beauty Secrets, 2023


Hunter Luxury share expertise on luxury advent calendars

12 or 24 days, both are popular, but many brands are opting for 12 days to maximise the number of full-size items they can include. So, it’s really important to think about the size of the products, as well as their weight before considering the style of advent calendar to choose, especially now that e-commerce is such a huge part of business, and shipping costs are an increasingly important factor.

At Hunter Luxury, we have been briefed to create a wide range of styles of advent calendar, and each has their own structures which must be highly engineered to make the unboxing experience as enjoyable as possible. Drawers with individually wrapped items rest on a structured framework, as seen with traditional wooden advent calendars. Many brands now opt for removable boxes that slot together like a game of Tetris to create an impressive style. Some brands are opting for completely unstructured boxes filled with reusable fabric bags, to create a child-like experience of searching for the right date! Or why not introduce alternative materials to encourage second use, for example, tin, wood, sustainable fabric, etc. which can really elevate the brand. Or how about focusing on an amazing, memorable reveal to really impress consumers.


Luxury Advent Calendars - Create the WOW!

Brands and consumers love a calendar that looks that little bit extra. Whether featuring a ribbon, clever opening mechanism, secret compartment, decorative features or metalwork, the options available are only limited by your imagination.

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Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar by Hunter Luxury

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