Luxury Sliders | Hunter Luxury

Hunter Luxury's Innovation team proactively help clients lead the way in new and exciting packaging formats. Working in partnership with Burgopak, Hunter's Luxury Sliders are our most dynamic example of cardboard's
potential to help luxury brands present compelling experiences.

Luxury Sliders: simple and ingenious cardboard engineering solutions that deliver a range of exquisite moments in luxury packaging. The flexibility of the patented packaging enables luxury brands to use Luxury Sliders from small format sampling to standard SKU and gifting packs.

Luxury Sliders draw consumers to both the product and the brand story in one simple, compelling gesture. They are durable enough to amaze customers over and over. Furthermore, with secondary packaging's increasing role in social sharing and #Unboxing content - Luxury Sliders are dynamite for leveraging real delight amongst beauty vloggers and influencers.

Luxury Sliders are the perfect ‘media’ space for brand story telling, reducing the effort a consumer expends to engage. Increased print surface area means brand dialogue appears immediately in the consumer’s hands, creating a point of difference in competitive luxury categories.