Pippa joins Hunter after many years in primary packaging, as Business Development Manager for the beauty division. We talk to Pippa about her time before Hunter, her new role here and what’s driving the coming boom in secondary beauty packaging.

Pippa Hunter Luxury
What attracted you to make the jump from primary into secondary packaging with Hunter?

I was seeing a big movement in social media around beauty products as consumers seek more engagement in the emotional experience. I think secondary packaging's role is going to grow the connection between the core product and the digitised brand world.

What do you think are the key differences between primary and secondary packaging?

Primary is quite formulaic and restricted. If you take away the decorative touches in a category, you’ll find a 50ml jar from one brand is pretty much the same in another. I guess the creative opportunity now is so much more expansive and that’s pretty exciting.

Now you’re in place, what’s the big opportunity for Hunter?

One is consumer insight. The speed at which beauty brands are moving means supplying partners need to move just as quickly. I’m looking to bring that social listening insight to help clients track trends.

The other the space outside gifting and the ‘home retail occasion’. As beauty consumers are wanting more back from their brand relationships secondary packaging has a bigger role to play in the year round relationship.

What’s going to drive the coming boom in secondary packaging?

Using secondary packaging to build the connection in social media. Consumers are abuzz in social communities in wanting to engage in product applications. There’s a big role for secondary to take star billing in social media and present a bigger canvas for the brand.

How do we resolve sustainability and secondary packaging?

Firstly, unlike primary we’re not bound to the deep relationship with plastic. Secondly, of course, there’s a massive consumer drive and ethical challenge to invest in sustainable materials. At Hunter, we’re ahead of the curve with secondary packaging from the start. More than that, Hunter is investing in the insight and expertise to help educate clients in sustainability, recyclability and biodegradability.

What’s the one minute pitch to a global brand investing more in primary and why they should shift more investment to secondary?

Secondary packaging is all about the sensory, the visual, the emotional – it provides a more creative and cost-effective space to tell the brand story. Opening mechanics and user experiences help deliver ‘addictive gestures’ – where the brand generates more interactivity and playfulness. If I was launching a beauty brand right now, I’d invest in the secondary packaging experience above anything else.

What does 2019+ hold for Hunter and beauty?

We’ll also expand our reach into middle weight brands who want to build through innovative materials, and user experiences. Delivering at the edge of innovation will also strengthen our credentials with long established global brands needing an informed view on the speed of evolving trends.