When Hunter Luxury Packaging presented Finlandia‘s brand team with our unique bottle sleeve, they instantly fell in love. So far so good…


Grab me!packaging ideation

There was no doubt that the wrap concept gave bottles ‘grab appeal’ on the shelves, and the client was excited by the potential it had to lift sales at Christmas time. At Hunter, we also knew that that the challenges were many and complex:


  • Stretch: the sleeve needed to hug the bottles tightly enough to ensure the sleeve didn’t slip, but with enough stretch to make fitting possible.
    Strength: the webbed design meant angles, and these brought a high risk of tearing from the opposing forces created when the sleeve was stretched.
  • Branding and regulatory: the challenge here was to create a sleeve that was aesthetically clean and pure at the same time as providing brand visibility. The regulatory information on the bottle label also needed to be visible.
  • Budget: the proposed solution was highly desirable, but beauty often presents particular budgetary challenges.


From design to finished product

Our design team worked to ensure the layout of the sleeve worked beautifully for the brand and allowed the bottle label to be visible. The right balance of material webbing allowed back window visibility whilst radii were carefully considered to strengthen intersections and minimise the risk of tear.


How do you like your vodka?

Our development and prototyping team began work by looking at the intended use and the important consumption question – chilled or frozen?

Once the right material was found and the redesign of the original concept completed, we produced a mould to cast 1,000 samples for testing. We applied strict testing protocol that looked at strength, durability, temperature cycling, friction, stretch and aesthetic quality.

The resulting product was a resounding success – loved by consumers and praised by the client and critics alike.


Here to help

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