Value Engineering in Luxury PackagingWhen the supply chain fails to meet expectations, retail partners, brands and customers are affected. The consequences are disastrous when companies face poor overall availability rates during critical times of the year, such as Christmas. A late, incomplete, or faulty delivery from a packaging supplier can wreak havoc on a brand’s seasonal campaign and leave them with a warehouse full of product but no sales to report.


A Trusted Partner In Luxury Packaging Solutions

At Hunter, we have invested in developing and perfecting our supply chain and production management protocols. Our ethos is based on our strong belief that in order to be a trusted partner in luxury packaging solutions, you have to demonstrate sustained and real commitment on a number of key areas including;

  • Investment in technology and infrastructure
  • Development of supplier relationships and strategic alliances with suppliers
  • Informed value engineering and design for production
  • Creation of robust risk-management policies
  • Staff expertise and training


Delivering Reliability and Excellence

For the last 6 years, Sanctuary Spa have entrusted Hunter with full development, project management, production and supply of their packaging for Christmas campaigns.

We believe the numbers speak for themselves. During a typical season, Hunter are responsible for delivering more than 2.5 million products across 19 SKU’s – all delivered within a 3-month window across 3 different continents. Our expertise ensures availability of sufficient capacity and has resulted in a consistent 100% OTIF score.


Here to Help

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Hunter has a proven track record of delivering award-winning packaging solutions that are guaranteed to convert shoppers into brand advocates. If you have any packaging projects you’d like to discuss, just drop Jo a line at JoBrown[at] and she’d be more than happy to answer your questions. We promise not to spam you or engage in a hard-sell – so rest assured that we will give you genuine advice.