POD - Luxury sustainable packaging for e-commerce -

POD – Luxury sustainable packaging for e-commerce

Sustainable packaging for the luxury e-commerce market

Hunter Luxury has identified several core requirements for luxury e-commerce packaging:

  • Luxury solutions for sustainable packaging
  • Improved brand experience
  • Protection and security of items in transit
  • Customisable home experience and gifting packaging


At Hunter Luxury, we have looked at the trends and challenges that luxury brands face as they grow their e-commerce channels. We have combined our findings with our experience in secondary packaging and have developed a packaging concept that solves the challenges in a practical, customisable way. We call this concept POD.

Why POD?

Often, sustainable packaging focuses on recyclable properties and ends up sacrificing the brand's visual properties. With a focus on re-use, however, it's possible to ensure brand longevity, add perceived value, as well as giving the pack a second life for the consumer. POD is designed to be a "Packaging as a product" item that can live on in many ways once the product has been used.

POD  is also fully customisable to each brand. We work with you to develop the form, colour, materials, and branding options to really create a memorable pack that aligns with your brand's values.



Hunter Luxury’s solution is designed to be reusable, either having a second-use for the end consumer or returnable through a circular packaging platform.

Brand experience

Designed to be fully customisable, the concept offers a wide range of branding options, elevating the unboxing experience for e-commerce consumers.


With product security and protection of the product during shipping, our solution minimises damages and returns.

Talk to us about POD and your project

We are now at the point of having developed the POD to be able to launch it into the market. If a luxury solution to e-commerce packaging is something you are looking for, give our team a call and we can discuss your needs.

Pippa Hunter Luxury

Pippa Bell

Head of Beauty
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Paul Hamilton

Head of Wines and Spirits