Paptic® from Hunter Luxury -

Paptic® from Hunter Luxury

Paptic® - A sustainable superstar!

In the push to find sustainable packaging materials, Hunter Luxury has teamed up with Paptic®, an innovative Finnish materials manufacturer to create a revolution in alternative materials.

Sourced from sustainable wood fibre, Paptic® delivers the long-lasting, reusable qualities of plastic, while being fully biodegradable and recyclable, much like paper. This award-winning material is fast becoming a game-changer for luxury brands, and Hunter Luxury is excited to collaborate to bring truly sustainable packaging to the market.

Download our factsheet or find out more below about why Paptic® really is a game-changer for luxury brands.

Paptic® is the answer for sustainable luxury packaging

1. It meets the exacting needs of luxury brands

Paptic® material delivers a soft and luxurious texture, meeting the performance needs of Hunter’s luxury brand clients. Paptic® is also customisable with folding, embossing, and varnishing. Current weight ranges between 70-110 gsm.

2. It’s biodegradable, recyclable and completely circular

Paptic® fibres are fully biodegradable under industrial composting conditions according to EN 13432. It’s recycled with carton board, with the best quality wood fibres to be recycled into new packaging products.

3. Paptic® has numerous international recognitions and awards
Paptic® has won and been a finalist in many awards around the world since its launch in 2016. Awards and accolades spanning luxury, sustainability, innovation, and recycling sectors demonstrate the power that Paptic® has, and can continue to have as a material of the future.
4. It’s renewable, resourceful and efficient

Paptic® is a bio-based, recyclable and renewable material made of wood fibres from controlled and sustainably managed Nordic forests, available with an FSC certification option. Furthermore, the manufacturing processes reduce water and energy consumption, delivering a product that’s strong, light and thin – reducing pressure on shipping, storage and handling.

5. It carries a long usage lifespan

Consumers are willing to reuse Paptic® many times over, far beyond the limits of paper, due to its durability, look and feel. Its technical performance delivers a flexibility that enables it to fold into a pocket or purse – we love the idea of pocketability as much as the word itself!

6. Paptic® uses existing production equipment

Paptic® can be produced using standard print processes and commercial standard inks. Material is converted using existing legacy presses and machinery, whilst substrates are heat-sealable and use the same glues as used for paper bags and luxury packaging.

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