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Designing luxury packaging with reuse in mind

Sustainability is an umbrella term for a whole range of practices that, as individuals and businesses, we are all now trying to adopt to reduce the impact we make on the planet.

At Hunter Luxury, we work with our clients to help them navigate what sustainability means for their brands. Our aim is to form a partnership with our clients so that we can understand their sustainability objectives. We then factor those in from the early stages of design, in line with the globally recognised 7 Rs sustainability framework.

The 7 Rs of sustainability - re-use and re-purpose

However, did you know that not all sustainable solutions are equal? For example, despite the drive towards removing plastic and encouraging recyclability, the technology and infrastructure that can process "recyclable" materials are not always available. So often, diverting packaging away from waste channels altogether is the preferred solution.

Ultimately, our clients lead, based on their own approach to sustainability, however, we can encourage them to consider the long-term reusability of their packaging by factoring in robust construction and structurally sound design features to all of our products.

Our clients like this because it adds brand value and keeps the product front-of-mind with their customers for much longer, whether that be to continue to use the pack to display the item, or give it a second life by re-purposing it to store other items. Find out more about our views on the value of reusable packaging.

Re-usable packaging in practice

Many of our recent projects have been designed with re-use in mind. Material selection and clever engineering can be the difference between a box that ends up in recycling and something which can store items for many years.

From simple wooden and rigid board boxes right up to the advent calendars and collectible packaging we make at Hunter Luxury, well-made packaging can always have a life after the original product is used.

Read below to find out more about the thinking behind a couple of our recent projects, and the design features that make them truly re-usable.

Jack Daniel's Jukebox

The Jack Daniel’s Jukebox uses no adhesives, so will stay structurally sound for many years. The main construction is tin, so waterproof and resilient. The internal fitments are removable, so the consumer has the option to continue to display a bottle of Jack Daniel’s or remove it for more general use.

Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar

Our Charlotte Tilbury Bejewelled Chest of Beauty Treasures is a perfect dressing table accessory with rigid, engineered drawers decorated with removable crystal glass handles. The case is multi-functional and robust enough for many years of use, replacing the need to purchase dedicated storage.

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