As part of our series Sustainability in Practice, we look at some innovative materials that can be used to make packaging more sustainable

Luxury packaging is one of the most creative industries there is, and clients look to us to come up with inspired solutions to elevate their brands. One way that we do this at Hunter Luxury is by staying up to date and curious when it comes to innovative materials.

Now, even more so than ever, it’s important that we are aware of how new materials can be sustainable, so we have developed partnerships with a number of material suppliers in order to offer our clients exciting, new solutions. We discuss several materials we are excited about here:

Organoid® is a range of natural, organic materials that bring the positive sensory benefits of the outdoors to the consumer.

The manufacturer had developed technology that encapsulates natural petals, seeds and leaves into a base material for a range of applications, including packaging.

Paptic® is another of our favourite products to work with. A wood pulp-based material with the properties of plastic, we have enjoyed developing a range of retail bags for Air Dior that maximises Paptic’s recyclable, plastic-free qualities perfectly.

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There is a wide range of sustainably sourced and manufactured materials. Here are a few examples that have been used as replacements for plastic and wood packaging.

Bagasse is a mouldable material derived from sugar cane fibre that is fully biodegradable in 90 days. This incredibly diverse material can be coloured and treated to give it a luxuriously smooth finish.

Polylactic Acid (PLA) – plastics made from sustainably grown corn or sugar are an alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Palm leaves can be pressed and moulded into sturdy, rigid containers

Bamboo is a readily available, fast-growing material that can be moulded and formed or replace wood and maintain the natural grain.

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