As part of our series Sustainability in Practice, we look at some alternatives to plastic vacuum trays that continue to keep items safely in position, while being recyclable.

Many products are housed in plastic vac trays, mainly to ensure they stay positioned within the box for both transit and display. Both are important requirements but these functions can be carried out by other readily available materials too. For example, at Hunter Luxury, we frequently engineer bespoke card inserts for our client’s products which have the strength required but can also be easily recycled and ensure that the packaging is truly plastic-free.

In addition to traditional card alternatives, new materials are constantly being developed and introduced. We have looked into the option of using Mycelium, for example, a natural material with excellent protective properties required is now being used by one of the UK’s biggest non-alcoholic drinks brands, Seedlip. Fully compostable, we see the potential of this clever material developing into a luxury packaging component of the future.

We are also working with clients to develop fitments based on pulp-based materials that have impressive mouldability that can house products of any shape, but with fully recyclable, plastic-free properties.

At Hunter Luxury, we are definitely seeing a move away from demand for plastic fitments, so are looking forward to working with clients to develop increasingly creative options as the move towards fully plastic-free gains momentum.

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