Hunter Luxury is proud to have created and supplied the 2022 Luxepack In Green Awards. The awards demonstrate our expertise in working with a wide range of materials and prove that sustainable design can also be luxurious.


Inspired by the concept of collaboration and teamwork, the two awards are built from a selection of sustainable materials that work together to form a solid column. Ranging from RPET silk to expanded cork, the materials have been carefully assembled by Hunter Luxury’s partner, Atom, and combine to create a dynamic, sculptural award, proving that luxury can also be sustainable.

Hunter Luxury designs and manufactures luxury packaging for many well-known clients, and we’re known for our technical expertise in working with a variety of innovative materials to bring brand stories to life.

Our skills in combining manufacturing techniques, innovative materials, and traditional craftsmanship are all captured in this eye-catching award.

Definitions of sustainability can vary between organisations. From low weight to compostable, to recycled to sustainably sourced, the materials in the award represent a huge range of sustainable properties and highlight that there is no one size fits all option.

At Hunter Luxury, we guide our clients within their own sustainable objectives. Our knowledge of materials, access to suppliers, and expertise in working to combine manufacturing processes are what our clients need to be able to meet their sustainable objectives.

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Each material has its own story, read more about some of them here.

Recycled marble plastic – made from post-consumer waste single-use plastic bottles, that were headed for landfill. The colour and finish can be controlled based on the post-consumer material used.

RPET silk – A fine woven ethically sourced vegan silk-like material, made from post-consumer waste bottles.

Expanded cork – Cork processed through a heat steaming treatment which expands the material. Giving increased volume without added weight.

Paper-woven – Fabric woven from paper then formed into fibres, providing strength and a natural finish.

Reclaimed slate – Hand cut slate reclaimed from a past project.

Find out more about our work, or talk to us about your project by contacting Paul Hamilton– or Pippa Bell (Beauty division) –

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