MD Mike Banister explains what makes Inspiration and Innovation Sessions such a compelling feature in Hunter’s creative and development process.

We started Inspiration and Innovation Sessions to help our clients expand their thinking around gifting occasions. We take over a meeting space and create an immersive environment to spark discussion and ideas. We cover a range of variables including form, texture, colour, trending and include plenty of packaging concepts, competitive samples and innovative materials and techniques.

Over the years, they’ve become a key feature of Hunter’s project management offer. So much so, 2018 has seen their popularity explode.

Why is the word spreading and demand growing so quickly?

We think Inspiration and Innovation Sessions deliver a number of advantages in the pursuit of better packaging outcomes. We’ve shortlisted 6 key benefits we believe they deliver on:

01 Provides expert insight into the category and competition

The sessions get teams to step away from what’s been done before and appraise the category overall. We help clients benchmark their ambitions against both competitive and emerging consumer trends.

02 Opens informed discussion on new innovation

We’re able to cut through the noise on innovation to showcase commercial solutions, with supply chains and costing models. For instance, we can help teams focus on alternative materials and smart packaging with an objective view.

03 Brings the right energy for ideation

With all the stimulus, samples and material at hand, it’s important to harness the ‘thinking’ in the room. All sessions provide an environment to explore ideas, harvest thoughts and capture outcomes.

04 Finds creative user experience solutions

With a flexible agenda, we cover emerging trends and category influences as well as the detail on opening mechanics, sensory finishes and user experiences, covering all corners of a project plan or specific brief.

05 Sets the stage for a project brief

The sessions bring a packaging brief to life in full technicolour. With all the project stakeholders, including creative and technical support to cover the merits of any idea, material or user mechanic. They can be tailored to seasonal planning or widened for annual brand strategy.

06 Actionable outputs – new momentum

We capture all inputs and outputs from each day and agree actionable ideas with client teams, ensuring a timely start and positive momentum for new projects.



We’ll design your Inspirations and Innovation Sessions

We build bespoke sessions for a range of luxury brand clients, tailored to your project pipeline and innovations strategy. Contact Susana to discuss your current ambitions and find out how these sessions can help expand your repertoire of packaging solutions for your next season.