London Fashion Week 2018 has finished. As keen observers, we were pleasantly surprised to see sustainability featuring quite prominently above the glitz and glamour.


As a luxury packaging supplier, we are always on the look-out for the latest innovations in sustainability, and we were delighted to have come across The Sustainable Angle, the award-winning, not-for-profit behind the Future Fabrics Expo. This year’s expo showcased 5000 innovative materials that are true, sustainable, viable alternatives to the conventional materials currently available.

sustainability in luxury


Sustainability in Luxury: Fashioned by Nature

Of particular interest to Hunter were low-impact leather alternatives such as mushroom, orange fibre and apple, as well as sustainable embellishments such as biodegradable sequins, fabrics made out of wood, and biomaterials that will make compostable clothing/fabrics a reality in a not so distant.


We have already made a few promising connections with suppliers and are excited about what the future holds for Hunter Luxury and the luxury packaging sector.