Our Innovation Manager Susana Almeida enjoyed an interesting trip to IPACK-IMA 2018 in Milan last week. The IPACK-Mat halls provided a great insight into near-horizon developments for luxury brand packaging partners. This part of the show delivered a showcase for innovators in the Smart, Protective and Sustainable Packaging solutions.

With sustainable packaging set to reach $250bn by 2023 and the rapid ascent of plastic’s impact on the global environment, there were plenty of Eco-Packaging innovators on show. Not only recycled materials, but a noticeable growth in Biodegradables and Mono-materials. As Eco-conscious millennials are moving into luxury brand segments, and there are viable innovations in place to solve the sustainability brand truth.

We’ve gathered our samples, contacts and notes to build into our ongoing Innovations Programme. Increasingly, we’re now able to provide clients with genuine alternative materials that perform alongside the capacities of traditional solutions.

If you would like to hear more about our Innovation insights and Inspirational Sessions, please get in contact with Susana Almeida to arrange a discussion.