Where art meets packaging

Where art meets packaging

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In the ultra-competitive world of modern retail first impressions are everything. The way brands package their products is an opportunity to put their best face forward to potential customers. To increase shelf standout further some brand owners are now enlisting the help of celebrated artists and designers for one-off editions and gift packs.

If the artist and the brand are a good match and the project is well executed throughout every stage, from the initial idea to reaching the shop shelf, such collaborations can have a number of potential benefits. They can add extra interest, a premium feel, bring gifting appeal, and in the case of luxury products, even spike the interest of collectors.

Disaronno wears Cavalli

Consider the case of Disaronno. Like many traditional high-strength liqueurs Italy’s top-selling amaretto is aiming to reinvent itself for the younger millennial generation. As part of this broader reboot Disaronno has teamed up with celebrated Italian fashion designers to create a series annual limited edition bottles. These stylish bottles create a link between Disaronno and the aspirational world of high-end Italian fashion.

Disaronno wears Cavalli - increase shelf standout

The most recent bottle is the Roberto Cavalli Limited Edition bottle, which features an eye-catching animal print design inspired by exotic safari locations and the undersea world created by the flamboyant Italian designer himself. Previous Disaronno bottles have been designed by the likes of fashion icons such as Versace and Moschino and this successful annual series looks it has the legs to run and run.

Nestlé and Matthew Williamson

Of late even humble chocolate bar packaging has been given a fashion makeover. For instance, last September Swiss confectionery giant Nestlé hired the services of British fashion designer Matthew Williamson to create a striking limited-edition wrapper design for two flavours of its Aero chocolate brand: mint and milk chocolate. The delicate pink and blue feminine designs are a take on Williamson’s signature butterfly print, but also features Aero’s famously bubbly texture.

Nestlé's Aero limited-edition wrapper design - increase shelf standout

Sanctuary Spa and Frederick Wimsett

At Hunter we have an excellent track record on this type of creative partnership. Most recently we worked closely with award-winning body and skincare brand Sanctuary Spa and celebrated interior designer Frederick Wimsett to develop, design and deliver a Mother’s Day gift pack containing 10 premium Sanctuary Spa body care items. The Sanctuary Mother’s Day gifting box was a huge success with sales rising more than 20% on the previous year, while the box design was shortlisted for the coveted Luxury Packaging Innovations award.

Sanctuary Spa and celebrated interior designer Frederick Wimsett collaboration increase shelf standout

How did we achieve such outstanding results? Firstly, Hunter has decades of experience of delivering winning, cost-effective ideas, which in the case of the Sanctuary Spa project, was informed with insights from our own shopping market research into consumer behaviour. Using cutting-edge eye-tracking technology we know what packaging designs catch the attention of shoppers.

Secondly, our engineering and production prowess is unrivalled. The Sanctuary Spa gift box combined both automated machinery and hand finishing to create a luxurious gift box, which boasted a heart-shaped window and a unique four-colour 3D butterfly design created by Wimsett. The 3D effect was brought to life by lifting one wing on each butterfly to give the effect of movement.

However, Hunter’s commitment to outstanding packaging went beyond just the gift set. We developed and funded special equipment so that a pallet box could be used for transporting the gift boxes through every stage of transportation from the factory to the store. This initiative reduced the use of packing materials and cut costs throughout the value chain. It also minimised packaging waste in-store— a major benefit for the main retailer, Boots.

We pride ourselves on our end-to-end project management approach to packaging, which we have found to be the best way to deliver the two things we value most: lasting working partnerships and excellent client satisfaction.