“Repetition is the death of art”

Robin Green 1992

So much time, effort and insight gets invested in the consumer brand journey. The seductive brand stories we tell through digital space. The elegant and beautifully shot advertising campaign. The military-precision in optimising the media spend. Rigorous planning, reams of customer data, debate, appraisal and interrogation at every stage.

All roads, ultimately, lead to the packaging moment. For loyal consumers, the event is more instinctive, searching for those reassurance cues and aligning everything they trust about the brand. But we know the true prize is the new consumer. Affluent and savvy. They’re the growth, the ROI, the influencers. How much thinking, planning, insight and creativity do we miss in building the secondary packaging brief?

We launched Hunter Inspiration & Innovation Sessions some years ago to help our existing clients expand their thinking around gifting occasions and find a new approach to packaging briefs. These sessions take over a meeting space to create an immersive environment to spark discussion and ideas. With a carefully planned agenda, we cover a range of variables including form, texture, colour trends, sustainability and smart packaging. Each session is supported with a range of packaging concepts, competitive benchmarking, innovation from other categories and new material solutions.

The sessions have become a defining feature of Hunter’s project management offer and are now exploding in popularity as clients in spirits, beauty and other categories realise the need for investing the time and diligence in secondary packaging to find new outcomes.

In summarising their appeal, we’ve shortlisted 6 key benefits brands leverage from these sessions:

01 You’re doing something different, you’re going to get new outcomes

Secondary packaging is traditionally a craft. We’re still an industry that likes to walk well-trodden paths to ensure we manage risk and that traps us in repetition. Inspiration & Innovation Sessions change the script and create a much better chance of new outcomes.

02 You appraise innovations in and outside your category

The global luxury spirits category, as many others, is abundant with innovation and change. Building that information pipeline isn’t easy. Our sessions give clients the chance to evaluate competitive trends and where they impact on their brands.

03 You immerse yourself in the customer’s “user experience”

From the purchase occasion to the consumption lifecycle, there’s an important “user experience” at play. From brand presentation, usability and ‘addictive gestures’ we explore the role secondary packaging will play throughout and how this forms a distinctive user experience.

04 You get that long needed discussion on sustainability

Hunter’s Innovation Team are building a continual bank of sustainable materials, specifically suited to luxury brands. For each session, we bring samples, supply models and applications to inspire clients around the potential in materials and technology.

05 You get that long needed discussion on smart packaging

The digitized customer journey is becoming the default model for many luxury brands and secondary packaging has a big role to play here. We bring our partnership with Thinfilm and demonstrate NFC’s capacity to change consumer experience and revolutionise marketing through big data.

06 You generate a 3-Dimensional packaging brief

And ultimately you build a brief that’s used rigour, insight and inspiration to look for new solutions to create waves in the category. Packaging that embraces the purchase moment. Packaging that performs an ongoing user experience. Packaging that explores new sustainable materials. Packaging that brings the digital and data potential to life.

If you want to find out more about our Inspiration & Innovation sessions, email susanaalmeida@hunterluxury.com