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An issue with relying too much on New Year predictions rather than on goal-based plans is that people can wrongly assume that by embracing an outside view, they are reducing the risk of introducing their own optimistic bias into their plans.


What people seem to forget is that it’s not predictions that create a future. It’s people. The actions people take are what change the future. So with that in mind, we spent time putting together our list of goals for 2016.


Be agile

2015 was a fast-moving year that required us to respond with efficiency to rising issues and changes. In 2016 we will strengthen our capacity to be agile so we can continue to respond to non-stop change without losing our core values.


Focus on winning

We have a strong, open, optimistic and positive team. In 2016 we’ll continue to build on our strengths and focus with renewed impetus on developing winning solutions for our clients.


Don’t stop looking

Sometimes the best solution is not the most obvious one. 2016 will be the year when we seek ‘clear blue water’, building on our ability to be original and stand out from the rest of the industry.


Prepare for the unexpected

We’ve heard it before – change is the only constant. But we know that keeping a permanent and open dialogue with our suppliers, partners and clients allows us to foresee and plan ahead.


Remember to have fun

We work hard, our clients work hard and our suppliers work hard to bring both individual and mutual success. It’s important to enjoy the journey.


Happy New 2016 from us all here at Hunter!